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Quilts Finished in 2005

Hunter Star

Betty’s Baskets

Sunbonnet Sue’s Vacation in the Tropics

Denise’s Cats

Stack & Whack Universe

Marilyn’s Cats

Wooly Friends baby quilt

Smiley Caterpillars baby quilt

Cabin Fever’s 2003 Block of the Month

Mom’s Embroidery #1

Christmas Fractured 9-Patch

Scentimental Florals

Chillun’ Out (Pincushion Challenge)

Blue & Yellow  Fractured 9-patch


Pillow  for Fran

The hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy.

~Helen Hayes (at 73)

2005 was a great year!

Starry Pillow

I made this pillow for Fran Claassens for Christmas.  It’s from Cabin Fever’s Block of the Month, in the color way she did.

Hunter Star

Made this quilt in a guild workshop taught by Jan Krentz.  It was a stretch for me to use the orange/yellow for the stars; my inclination was to make them green (which would have been the safe alternative).    It was one of the last I quilted with my Brother machine on my Handiquilter frame.  I used Rainbows variegated thread to quilt it.  70x87

Betty’s Baskets

These were blocks of the month from Pincushion, designed by Betty Kisbey in really pretty batiks.  I entered it in Foothills’ quilt show and for judging before I quilted it - big mistake.  The quilting drew in the center and made it not square.  The blue I used for sashing and borders is really pretty.  The background is batik with gold leaves.

Sunbonnet Sue’s Vacation in the Tropics

This was the Guild Challenge for 2005.  We had to use small pieces of 5 fabrics.  I won First place in guild voting and first place viewers’ choice.  I donated the quilt to the 2005 Sutter Breast Cancer quilt auction.

Denise’s Cats

My niece Denise wanted a cat quilt.  She liked the one I made for Carolyn Voet so I made her one similar to it…although all the cat fabrics were different.

Stack ‘n’ Whack Universe

This was the first quilting class I ever took, from Pam Sealy at Stitching Station in 2001.  I didn’t get around to quilting it until 2005 because I had no reason to.  Brian is the one who picked out the green to go around the motifs (I probably would have picked a safe blue).  I gave it to Brian when he moved into his own apartment so he would have a LAN quilt.  

Marilyn’s Cats

Kenny Voet asked me to make a quilt for his wife Marilyn for their 50th wedding anniversary. This was my third cat quilt.

Chillun’ Out

I made this for Pincushion’s “Dashing Through the Snow” challenge.  Worked on it at Roseville’s quilt camp at Zephyr Point and at Eagle Lake.  It was second in Viewers Choice voting.  Unfortunately, there was only a prize for first.

Blue and Yellow Fractured 9-Patch

Looks purple in the picture but is actually blue and yellow.  I started with a Sweet Treat and added more fabrics.  Needs 10 fat quarters.

Fractured 9-Patch Christmas

Nancy the dentist showed us how to do this quilt pattern at Quilt in a Crowd - it was a mystery quilt she had recently done.  It’s a 9-patch that’s cut up and rearranged.  I taught this at a Discovery Day and at Stitching Station.

Wooly Friends

I bought this baby quilt kit in Susanville just because it was so darned cute - and because I wanted to support the fledgling quilt store there (which is now gone).  When Gary asked me to make a baby quilt for a friend of his I decided to amke this one.  I made it at Pioneer’s quilt camp.  No pictture.  :-(

Scentimental Florals

Ann asked me to make a “roses” quilt for a dying friend - so I finished and quilted this one. Her family loved it.  The scalloped border is interesting.,

Smiley Caterpillar Baby quilt

I was asked to make a second baby quilt for a friend of Gary’s so decided to use my favorite smiling caterpillar fabric, alternated with fractured 9-patch blocks.

No picture.  :-(

Cabin Fever’s 2003 Block of the Month (bright)

Brights - I finished the top at Roseville’s quilt camp at Longbarn.  It was a challenge because none of the squares were the same size.  I finally quilted it in 2005.

Mom’s Embroidery #1

I found the panel and asked mom  to make a quilt with me.  She embroidered and painted the blocks.  I found the fabric at Quilt Rush and put the tp together at Roseville’s quilt camp at Longbarn in 2005.  I gave it to Sheila for Christmas from mom and me.