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Quilts Finished in 2002

Guild Challenge:  I Can Do It In Less Than One Yard

Winding Ways

Winding Path

Linda Lambrecht’s “Hanging in There”

Flannel Frenzy  for Darren & Kristen Buck

Noel Elegant Star

Sheila’s Bargello

Every Cabin Needs a Flannel Quilt (Ann)


Footloose Moose

Every Cabin Needs a Flannel Quilt (Auction)

Sheila’s Stacked Brick Christmas

Delectable Mountains

Canadian Geese for Fred

Christmas Bricks


Reversible Apron for Ann

Dad’s Shirt

Community Service challenges

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I Can Do it in Less Than 1 Yard

This was the second entry I did in Foothill’s challenge for the 2002 quilt show.  I decided to do a Stack n Whack with the challenge fabric - less than a yard of it.  I donated this to the Sutter Brast Cancer quilt auction.

Winding Ways

This was a Jamboree class with Nancy Elliot McDonald.  Fran and I took the class together; I made 9 blocks and she made one (partly because she talked a lot).  This was the class where Nancy told her she was “spatially challenged,” which is true.  We still laugh about it.

Winding Path

Fran Claassens and I took this class from Judy Sisneros and shared our Asian fabrics to make our quilts.

Hanging In There

I made this quilt for a friend in Western's Golden office, Linda Lambrecht.  She picked out all the fabrics, which were yellow with fairies (just like the pink ones I made Courtney's quilt out of).  I called it “Hanging in There” because she was having a tough time at work.  67x81

Flannel Frenzy

This is a fringed flannel quilt made out of fabrics that are much brighter than show in the picture.  I made it for Darren and Kristen Buck’s baby shower.

Noel Elegant Star

I bought this kit because I really liked the Maywood fabrics, especially the large roses.  Although it's supposedly a Christmas quilt, the fabrics aren't traditional.  I liked it so much I bought 3 more kits, planning to use them plus their leftovers to make a large quilt with 4 blocks.  If I ever get around to it, I might have to get creative with the center in order to have enough roses!

Every Cabin Needs a Flannel Quilt

I found the center panel and coordinating fabrics at Stitching Station and fell in love with them.  I didn’t like the suggested pattern so I made my own design with log cabin blocks.  Since I didn’t have a pattern I bought lots of extra fabrics.  I gave this quilt to my friend, Ann Millican.

Every Cabin Needs a Flannel Quilt #2

After making Ann’s quilt I had so much fabric left over I bought another panel and made another quilt.  I donated this one to the Sutter Breast Cancer quilt auction.  It sold for $400.  Two other people (that I know about) copied my design.

Sheila’s Bargello

Bargellos are one of my favorite quilts.  I found a sweet treat with the French blue fabrics  that go in my sister Sheila’s house so I made this bargello quilt for her.

Canadian Geese

I made this quilt for a friend of Gary’s, Fred Besana Sr.  He was a hunter so Gary thought he would like it.  In retrospect, I think it’s kind of boring.

Footloose Moose

I made this quilt while on vacation at David Walley’s resort.  The 9” flannel squares alternate with  9-patches.  I made it for Brian McDowell as a thank-you for them letting us use their cabin.

Christmas Stacked Bricks

Made for Sheila - she bought the fabric for Christmas quilts for both of us.  Got hers done but mine is still in pieces.

Delectable Mountains

Took this class at Stitching Station.  I made it for Gary’s mom, RoseMarie Voet, as a bedspread for her bed.  When she passed away Brian took it for a LAN quilt…which surprised me.  He said it would go to the last one to decide to stay.

Reversible Apron for Ann

Everyone was making aprons so I decided I would make one too.  I made it for Ann Millican for Christmas, from Fran’s pattern.  It has Christmas fabric on one side, fall leaves on the other.


One day we were planning our Quilt Rush trip and I realized I had never made a batik quilt.  So I bought batiks while on Quilt Rush 2002, and used a pattern from Stitching Station that was a door prize.  I made this at David Walley’s resort in Genoa NV in June 2002.  I donated it to the Roseville Rotary’s silent auction (Bruce Scheidt’s organization) where it sold for $150.

Denim Shirt for Dad

Made this for dad for Christmas.