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Quilts Finished in 2001

Claire's Quilt

I mad e this quilt for Liz Denny's daughter, Claire. Although we made quilts for babies when their moms worked for us, Claire was born after Liz left to stay home with the kids. Marie Cleverdon, who was working at Stitching Station at the time, helped me pick out the fabrics. The focus fabric is some kind of weird cats with big cheeks. Note the puffy batting.  

 Ice Palace

My "first" quilt, once I decided to actually make quilts. I bought a Sweet Treat at the Folsom Quilt Show and I've always loved bargellos, decided to make one. I did it the hard way - didn't know anything about "tubes" so I just made strips and took pieces off and rearranged them... it was a challenge. Then (speaking of challenges and not knowing any better) I decided to quilt it with metallic thread. I've learned a lot since then. But I still love the colors and like the design.

 Gary’s Wildlife

I made this lap quilt for Gary. It has picture blocks of fish and other wild life, separated by bars of complimentary fabrics. The border is cute little bears.

Dianne's Rail Fence

This is another quilt I made from a Sweet Treat. In the "early days" I was afraid to pick fabric, so starting with a Sweet Treat (8 coordinated fat quarters) was a great alternative for me. In the picture, the greens REALLY stand out... I don't remember them being that dark in real life.

Ann's Railroad

This was quite a challenge. I started with a Sweet Treat and used a pattern for a Railroad, from "Quilts For People Who Still Don't Have Time to Quilt." Unfortunately, I cut some of the blocks wrong so was short of fabric. I couldn't find the fabric anywhere. I tried online sources, and I even contacted Hoffman of California. They referred me to the Missing Fabrics web site, but I had no luck there, either. I finally found some similar, but different, fabric, and incorporated that. It was an interesting experience in 1) how the fabric world - and especially Hoffman Fabrics, which I love - works and 2) how to creatively fix a problem. I made it for my friend Ann Bogush Millican.

I think this is a wonderful quilt, and it's still one of my favorites.

If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.  

Claire’s Quilt
Ice Palace
Gary’s Wildlife
Dianne’s Rail Fence
Ann’s Railroad
Sweet Treat Challenge:  I Love Purple Flowers
Blended Bedspread
Sheila’s Heart
Guild Challenge: Garden
Courtney’s quilt
Seattle Stars
Golden Retriever applique

Dad’s Shirt
Folded Star book cover

I Love Purple Flowers

I made this quilt for a Pincushion challenge; you had to use a Sweet Treat. One of the rules was that they wouldn’t accept Baltimore Albums but I didn’t know what a Baltimore Album was.  Apparently that had been the way to win the challenge. There are hearts quilted in the dark purple squares.  The Sweet Treat I used was called “Full Blooms of Midnight.”  This hung in my office until I retired, and then I gave it away (but I can’t remember who I gave it to).

Shirt for Dad

I made this shirt for my dad for Christmas.  The fun thing about it was that I got to make up the design and use my wedge ruler.  I think he liked it because it was red and it was unusual.

Sheila’s Heart

I made this for Sheila for her 50th birthday.  The colors - dusty rose and French blue - went well in her house.  It’s made with 2” squares on fusible interfacing.  If I did it again I would use smaller squares.

Golden Retriever

I appliquéd this pattern for Sheila using the “back basting” method.  I then later adjusted the pattern and made it into a Brittany that looked like Rocky.

Courtney’s Quilt

This cute pink fairy fabric turned into a nice quilt for my niece Courtney Scheidt.

Blended Bedspread

I wanted to take a class (“In the Pink”) from Pam Sealy at Stitching Station and I wanted to use the fabric I already had.  Turns out the values were all “mediums,” which means after all that hard work you could hardly even see the pieced blocks.  Since it was for our bed, it had to be really big, which made it a challenge to quilt.  I quilted straight lines on my regular sewing machine and decided I didn’t want to ever to that again.  I tried to find a way to name it something that sounded like I intended it to all blend together.

Foothills Challenge: Garden

We were given some fabric to use in the challenge, so I made this garden quilt.  (Then I made another quilt so I had 2 entries.) This has a billion pieces cut out of a few different fabrics and fused on.

A close-up view.

Seattle Stars

This is a flannel quilt I made for Gary’s mom, Rose Marie Voet.  I thought she’d like the soft flannel when she watched TV.  “Seattle Stars” was the name of the class I took at Stitching Station, where I made the quilt.