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About Me

I started quilting in 2001, when my son Brian was old enough (15) to not care where I was or what I was going to quilt shows on the weekend. Since I have created and maintain several other websites for a variety of businesses and nonprofit organizations, I thought it would be fun to make a website where I could post pictures and stories of the quilts I've this is it!

I'm just starting, though, so there's lots more to come.

Besides quilting, I spend a lot of time with my dogs.  We have two black labs, siblings, Dodger and Kalyn.  During Covid in 2020 and 2021 I believed having them saved me.  I took them for walks every day, even when it rained.  We usually went a little over 3 miles, sometimes longer.  At one point Dodger decided he wanted to decide where we went, and I let him.  I think he was bored and wanted new scents and places to explore.  So he took us out and it was my job to find our way back home.  But we got to go out, have fresh air, and get some exercise before staying home the rest of the time.

Some of us hear a new idea and explore whether we can use it to improve our lives.  Some of us hear a new idea and try to immediately debunk it.  Which life do you want to lead?  ~ Alan Weiss

Here’s one with Dodger trying to look pathetic so he would get attention.  Yes, they are a lot like kids.

Here’s my favorite puppy picture - “helping” to bring in the mail.

This is my favorite picture of me.  It was taken at my 50th high school reunion.  I rarely look like this…especially as I get older. And grayer.